Current Projects

UT-St. George Campus

  • Robert Davidson (Spanish and Portuguese) and Daniel Bender (Historical and Cultural Studies UTSC), “Multisensory Taste”
  • Dimitry Anastakis (Rotman / History), “Contesting Closure: Life Stories of Work and Community in Oshawa’s Motor City, 1980-2019”
  • Heather D. Baker (Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations), “Ancient Assyrians Online”
  • Elise Burton (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology), “A Lexicon of Science in Asia”
  • Heather Dorries (Geography & Planning / Indigenous Studies), “Red Waters: Understanding Floodwater Discourses in Manitoba, 1955-2018”
  • Angela Esterhammer (English), “The Works of John Galt–Archives to Critical Edition”
  • Rie Kijima (Munk School of Global Affairs), “The causes and consequences of national education reform worldwide, 1970-2018”
  • Ira Wells (Victoria College), “Becoming Margaret Atwood”
  • Kevin White (Indigenous Studies), “Haudenosaunee Storytelling, Waugh, and Orality”
  • Rebecca Woods (History / IHPST), “Immortal Mammoths: Frozen Mammoths, Climate Change, and the Politics of Time since 1800”
  • Adrien Zakar (Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations / IHPST), “Ottoman Geopolitics: Territory, Society, and the Instruments of Empire, 1800-1950”

UT-Mississauga Campus

  • Ellen Berrey (Sociology), “University Responses to Campus Protest in the U.S. and Canada, 2012-2018”
  • Steve Hoffmann (Sociology), “Knowledge Production and the Sociology of Anticipation in Disaster and Emergency Management”
  • Madeleine Mant (Anthropology), “Bodies Through Time: Investigating Children’s Health Histories in the Northampton Archive (1744-1847)”
  • Zoë Wool (Anthropology), “Chem Map: Mapping Petrochemical Infrastructures of Settler Colonialism in Tkaronto (Toronto)”
  • Nicholas Zammit (Economics), “Understanding Canada’s Economic Position in the Global Context of the Late 19th and Early 20th centuries with Special Emphasis on Colonial Legacy”

UT-Scarborough Campus

  • Sébastien Drouin (Language Studies), “Early Modern Canadian Newspapers Online (1752-1812)”
  • Neil ten Kortenaar (English), “Tricks, Confidence Schemes and the Basis of Social Trust”
  • Blair C. Armstrong (Psychology / Language Studies), “Improving Reading Curricula by Developing an Explicit Theory of Reading Instruction”
  • Roger Mantie (Arts, Culture, and Media), “Participation and Belonging: The Future of Leisure-Time Music-Making and Sports in Canada”
  • Emine Fidan Elcioglu (Sociology), “New Canadians, New Conservatives? Immigrants and Voting in the Greater Toronto Area”

Online / International

  • Simone Casini (Language Studies UTM), “From Toronto to the Global World: Italian and Other Languages in Contact in - the International Urban Linguistic Landscape”
  • Pablo Robles-García (Language Studies UTM), “Measuring word knowledge development in L2 learners of French and Chinese”
  • Kate Holland (Slavic Languages and Literatures UTSG), “Digital Dostoevsky”
  • Kathi Wilson (Geography, Geomatics and Environment UTSG), “Vaccine equity in diverse urban settings: A comparative analysis of local government and community action in Peel Region, Ealing, UK, and Marseille, France”
  • Román Andrés Zárate (Economics UTSG), “Measuring Social Skills and Group Dynamics with Virtual Games”