Working Groups

During each academic year, the JHI sponsors interdisciplinary Working Groups composed of graduate students and faculty who conduct research or engage in other scholarly exchange. To learn more about each group, click on the title of the group. You can also find out about groups from previous years on the Working Groups Archives page.

Current Working Groups

The groups (and group leads) for 2021-22 are:

Bridging Disciplines in Manuscript Studies (renewal)

  • Florian Mueller, Ph.D. cand., German
  • Adam Cohen, Art History

Jesuit History Research Group (renewal)

  • Andreas Motsch, French
  • Jean-Olivier Richard, SMC Christianity & Culture
  • Fr. Thomas Worcester, Regis College

Manufacture of Consensus: A Critical Examination of Government Approaches to COVID-19 Recommendations (new in 2021)

  • Brian Baigrie, Institute for History & Philosophy of Science & Technology

The Politics of Labour: An Interdisciplinary Approach (new in 2021)

  • Emily Halliwell-MacDonald, Ph.D. cand., Political Science
  • Emily Nacol, Political Science

Practicing Dialogue (new in 2021)

  • Laura Colantoni, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Ana-Teresa Pérez Leroux, Linguistics and Spanish & Portuguese

Public Writing in the Humanities (new in 2021)

  • Christy Anderson, Art History

Rethinking Policing, Penality, and Pandemic (renewal)

  • Rosalind Hampton, OISE Social Justice Education
  • Vannina Sztainbok, OISE Social Justice Education

Tamil Studies: A Discipline in Motion (renewal)

  • Mark Balmforth, postdoc, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
  • Stephanie Duclos-King, Study of Religion
  • Jesse Pruitt, Ph.D. cand., Study of Religion
  • Bhavani Raman, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
  • Srilata Raman, Study of Religion
  • Kristina Rogahn, Ph.D. student, Study of Religion

Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North (new in 2021)

  • Mark Cheetham, Art History
  • Isabelle Gapp, postdoctoral fellow, Art History
  • Ivana Dizdar, Ph.D. student, Art History