Six-Month Fellows

Tenured faculty at the University of Toronto, each receives a six-month leave from the normal teaching and administrative duties in order to undertake research (including travel) on the project proposed in their application. They are chosen for demonstrated excellence of their record of scholarship and the merit of the research proposal.

Portrait of Daphna Heller

Daphna Heller
A&S Linguistics

Portrait of Jennifer Jenkins

Jennifer Jenkins
A&S History

Portrait of Sophia Moreau

Sophia Moreau
Faculty of Law / A&S Philosophy

Portrait of Dragana Obradović

Dragana Obradović
A&S Slavic Languages and Literatures

Portrait of Walid Saleh

Walid Saleh
A&S Study of Religion and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

Portrait of Ruth Sandwell

Ruth Sandwell
OISE Curriculum, Teaching and Learning / A&S History