The Changing Concept of Labor in Marx

When and Where

Thursday, January 19, 2023 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Labor was a central concept for Marx, both for his analysis and for his respective critique of domination. However, over time not only the content of the concept of labor (alienated/non-alienated labor, division of labor/abolition of labor, abstract/concrete labor) but also the theoretical coordinate systems within which Marx used this concept changed considerably. I will discuss these changes and their consequences for Marx's analysis of capitalism and his critique of domination.

Michael Heinrich was for several years a collaborator of the new Marx Engels Gesamtausgabe (MEGA) and until 2016 professor of economics at the Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft (University of Applied Sciences) Berlin. Available in English are his Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx's Capital (2012), How to read Marx's Capital (2021) and the first volume of his Marx-biography Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society (2019).

This event is sponsored by JHI's Program for the Arts.





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