German Social Democracy Through British Eyes: A Documentary History, 1870-1914

When and Where

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


James Retallack
Andrew G. Bonnell
Molly Robson
Doris Bergen


The speakers and the audience will discuss a new collection of documents that examines the rise of the most powerful socialist party in the world through the eyes of British diplomats stationed in Germany. The documents raise the question of how people in one nation view people from another. They also illuminate political systems, election practices, and anti-democratic strategies in the highly industrialized federal state of Saxony. These primary sources will interest researchers and students of labour movement history or those wishing to move beyond the Prussian view of German history before 1914.


James Retallack: Author, University Professor of History and Senior Fellow, Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, University of Toronto

Andrew G. Bonnell: Associate Professor in History, University of Queensland, Brisbane

Molly Robson: M.A. student, Department of History, University of Toronto

Doris Bergen: Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Chair in Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto (Moderator), with assistance from Dr. Gavin Wiens

Cloth, paperback, and Ebook copies of "German Social Democracy through British Eyes" are available with 25% discount on the website of University of Toronto Press: Use coupon code "Retallack25" on checkout.

This event is generously supported by the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, the DAAD/University of Toronto Joint Initiative in German and European Studies at the Munk School for Global Affairs & Public Policy, and the Intellectual Community Committee, Department of History, University of Toronto.