When and Where

Thursday, January 18, 2024 8:00 pm to Sunday, January 21, 2024 8:00 pm
Ada Slaight Hall
Artscape Daniels Spectrum
585 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


Over four nights in Toronto, The Blackwood presents the Canadian premiere of Faye Driscoll’s major new performance Weathering.

Weathering is a multi-sensory performance, conceived by Driscoll as a moving human sculpture made of bodies, sounds, scents, liquids, and objects. Ten performers perpetually enact a morphing “tableau vivant” on a mobile raft-like stage. Their life raft surges and spins through crisis and alienation, with their voices generating a score that crescendos and resonates as they clutch, careen, and cleave on a platform too small to contain them. The audience embanks the performers, close enough to smell the sweat and feel the steam of the scenes unfolding before them. Weathering enacts conflict, eroticism, and care arising from a messy and mutable collectivity.

Driscoll’s powerful work is a breathing, leaking choreography composed of micro-events and grander gestures. Weathering grapples with the Anthropocene—the geologic toll of environmental destruction resulting from human activity on the Earth—while considering its effects on individual bodies and their interdependencies. It explores the unstable boundaries between grief, anger, emergency, and eroticism. Driscoll and her collaborators ask: How do we feel the impact of events moving through us which are so much larger—yet are animating and activating our bodies all the time? How do we get closer to the impact? Can we slow down enough to feel the dust, hurt, absence, and plume?

In Weathering, the well-trod norms and critiques of Anthropocene discourse are elided in a performance that considers the effects of climate change on us individually and collectively at a bodily scale. It reflects the forms of alienation—environmental, social, and economic—many of us feel. It demands slowness and elicits undivided attention, at a time when media saturation and ubiquity have transformed human attention into an economy. It calls on viewers to pay attention using all of their faculties—as a multisensory experience, Weathering foregrounds the necessity for deeper attunement to the many ways we inhabit the Earth.


A multidisciplinary program series will run alongside Weathering to expand its socio-political concerns. With 16 contributors across four events, the series includes panel discussions, performances, poetry readings, and experiential workshops.

  • Ecologies of Excess, Energetic Ethics, Interdependencies, January 20, 2024
  • Erotic Aesthetics, Queer Intimacy, Wet Dreams, January 21, 2024
  • Wild Edges, (De)Generative Aesthetics, Reworlding, February 10, 2024
  • Attention, Attunement, Sense-Making, March 16, 2024

Presented in collaboration with Toronto Dance Theatre’s 2024 season featuring FACE RIDER by Fran Chudnoff and Odd-Sensual by Andrew Tay.

Further details to follow.


Performed at 8pm nightly from Thursday, January 18 through Sunday, January 21 at Ada Slaight Hall, Artscape Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St E, Toronto).

Weathering uses atmospheric elements such as vapour, water, loud sounds, and plumes from various materials. Suggested for audiences 6 years and older.

Run time: 65 minutes.


Tickets will be available for sale on December 1 at 9am EST.

  • General Admission: $30
  • Discounted Admission (for students, seniors, or underemployed attendees): $15

Prices include tax and service fees. Seating in the theatre is unassigned and first-come-first-serve. No late seating will be permitted.

Limited rush tickets will be released on the morning of each performance.


Artscape Daniels Spectrum is a physically accessible venue with single-gender accessible washrooms and drinking fountains. Eight accessible seats are available in the front row of Ada Slaight Hall; please contact the Blackwood to reserve an accessible seat. Hearing assist devices are available on request.

Parking is available underneath Paintbox Condominiums at 225 Sackville Street just to the west side of Daniels Spectrum. There is indoor access to Daniels Spectrum from this lot.  Rates: weekday and weekend (6am–6pm): $5/hr. Evenings: (6pm–6am): $5/hr.

Contact Information


Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, University of Toronto Mississauga, Jackman Humanities Institute


585 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7