Public Writing in the Humanities

This working group builds a supportive and critical space for humanities scholars across various disciplines, at all stages of their careers, to write, read, and learn together about public writing. As academics pressured by the demands of research productivity, there are very few opportunities to slow down and focus on one of the essential tools of our trade – good, engaging writing. Even though focusing on the craft of writing is something extremely valuable, institutional structures hardly allow for this type of engagement to occur even though it is expected of us, as researchers, to communicate with a broader public. Our group carves out a space for sustained and supported writing to occur through workshops and regular writing sessions.



Faculty, University of Toronto

  • Kevin Coleman, UTM Historical Studies
  • Angela Pescarini, A&S Italian/Diaspora Studies

Faculty Members outside University of Toronto

  • Brigidda Bell, Moravian University

Postdoctoral Researchers outside University of Toronto

  • Emily Doucet, Art History and Communications, McGill
  • Jessica Mace, Canada Constructed Project (LEAF)

Community Members

  • Camille Bégin, independent scholar
  • Alexis Cohen, ERA Architects

Staff Member, University of Toronto

  • Julia Grueson-Wood, Research Associate, UTM VP-Research & Innovation Office
  • Danielle Taschereau-Mamers, Managing Director, Critical Digital Humanities Initiative