Stories Kids Tell at Home: Storying Immigrant Students’ Schooling Experiences in Canada

This group will research the experiences of students in the K-5 grade level in schools across Canada. It will focus on storying post-migrant schooling experiences and bringing into narrative students’ perceptions of belonging, social inclusion, identity, displacement, invisibility and hypervisibility, as well as various experiences of joy. Studying what schooling has done to and for immigrant-background students in K-5 programs in Canada, offers important insights and possibilities for educational research and practice. The group includes a collaboration between the Social Justice Department at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education with the Department of Anthropology and the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto, as well as the Toronto Storytellers Network.


  • Soudeh Oladi, OISE Social Justice Education
  • Njoki Wane, OISE Social Justice Education


Faculty, University of Toronto

  • Ardavan Eizadirad (lecturer) Factor-Intenwash Faculty of Social Work

Graduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Danielle Dilkes, OISE Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
  • Sara Kharal, OISE Social Justice Education
  • Saffiyah Waithe, OISE Social Justice Education