JHI Stories

JHI Stories delves a little deeper into what our Current and Alumni Fellows are working on, and reports on workshops and events. The most recent stories are below but we have lots of stories to tell! Check out our archive of all JHI Stories.



From Dream to Reality: Mobile Artwork Inspires Reflection on Overdose Crisis

As applications open for 2023-2024 JHI Program for the Arts, we revisit one of this year’s events—"Wish You Were Here, Wish Here Was Better". Read more...



JHI Circle of Fellows Spotlight—Hadia Akhtar Khan

Hadia is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology, interested in the interdisciplinary study of labor, economy, kinship and gender. Her previous degrees are in Gender, Political Science, Economics and French. Read more...



"There is No Nobody” Dialogue on Caste, Gender, Labour, Art

The JHI kicked off the winter semester with two research support workshops as part of the new “Hands-on With the JHI” event series. Themed sessions are organized around a short presentation and structured hands-on or co-writing activity. Read more...