JHI Stories

JHI Stories delves a little deeper into what our Current and Alumni Fellows are working on, and reports on workshops and events. The most recent stories are below but we have lots of stories to tell! Check out our archive of all JHI Stories.


Truth Values: A Review

Truth Values is a one-woman show written, produced, and performed by Gioia de Cari in which she narrates the story of her experiences as a doctoral student in MIT’s deeply misogynistic math program. Read more...


Exploring Premodern Racial Formation at Genealogies: A RaceB4Race Symposium

Genealogies: A RaceB4Race Symposium co-organizer Urvashi Chakravarty—a 2022-23 JHI Faculty Research Fellow— recently answered some questions about the symposium, her research and about critical race studies in general. Read more...


JHI Graduate Professional Development Day

On September 7, the JHI hosted a professional development day for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. This full-day event was organized into two sessions. The sessions were recorded and are available in the Centre for Research & Innovation Support video library. Read more...