JHI-UTSC Digital Humanities Faculty Fellow, 2024-25

May 8, 2024 by Sonja Johnston

The JHI-UTSC DH Faculty Fellowship is an 18-month digital scholarship for UTSC faculty members that is supported by the Jackman Humanities Institute, the UTSC Library, the Dean, UTSC and the Office of the Vice Principal Research. We're delighted to announce that T.L. Cowan will be the JHI's 2024-25 fellow.

T.L. Cowan (she/they) is Associate Professor of media studies in the Department of Arts Culture and Media (UTSC) and the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, as well as a cabaret and video artist. Their research focuses on cultural and intellectual economies and networks of minoritized digital media and performance practices focusing primarily on trans- feminist, queer, and disabled/disordered ways of working. Her creative-research practice moves between page, stage, and screen.

Fellowship Project

Translocal Action Dialogues on Digital Archives (TADDA)

Collaborative Curatorial Classrooms is a curricular extension of the Cabaret Commons Exhibition Place (CCXP), an online research project for trans- feminist and queer materials of performance-based and other arts and activist practices. In this project I bring together a 4th year undergraduate class, “Media and the Arts” at the University of Toronto Scarborough, and a Master’s class, “Digital Archives for Minoritized Materials at the Faculty of Information in order to cultivate cross-level and cross-campus collaborations. Students will participate in a workshop series during the Fall 2024, and develop proofs-of-concept for digital exhibitions. In Spring 2025, students who want to continue this work will be hired as research collaborators to join the Cabaret Commons team to further develop their exhibitions and will have the opportunity to participate in the TADDA Critical Conversations Workshop, a gathering that brings together scholars, artists, activists and curators from across the Hemispheric Americas.