2024-25 JHI Working Groups

June 24, 2024 by Sonja Johnston

The JHI is pleased to announce our 2024-25 Working Groups. Each academic year, the JHI sponsors interdisciplinary working groups composed of graduate students and faculty who conduct research or engage in other scholarly exchange. The groups and leads for 2024-25 are:

Asexuality and Aromanticism Studies (new)

  • Liza Blake, UTM English & Drama

Classics and the Black Atlantic (new)

  • Letticia Cosbert Miller, Ph.D. student, Classics
  • Kenneth Yu, A&S Classics

Emerging Interventions in Contemporary Chinese Studies (renewal)

  • Anup Grewal, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies

Figural Analysis (new)

  • Thomas Quist, Ph.D. candidate, Cinema Studies
  • Elizabeth Wijaya, UTM Visual Studies

Hong Kong-Canada Connections (new)

  • Chris Song, Assistant Professor, UTSC Language Studies
  • Maria Lau, Director, RCL Canada-Hong Kong Library
  • Mitchell Ma, Ph.D. Candidate, UTM Anthropology
  • Bernice Hoi Ching Cheung, Ph.D. Candidate, Music

Medieval World Drama (renewal)

  • Matthew Sergi, A&S English & Drama

Public Writing in the Humanities (renewal)

  • Christie Anderson, A&S Art History
  •     Camille Bégin, independent scholar

Scribbling Academia: Comic Art and Theory (new)

  • Maya El Halou, Ph.D. student, Anthropology/Sexual Diversity Studies
  • Amira Mittermaier, A&S Study of Religion

Theories and Praxis of Digital Labour: The Fault Lines in Digital Capitalism (new)

  • Julie Chen, UTM Institute of Communication, Culture, Information & Technology

The Looting Lab (new)

  • Isra Saymour, Ph.D. student, Sociology
  • Alexandra Gillespie, UTM English & Drama / Vice-President & Principal, UTM

The Other Sister: New Research on Non-Cloistered Religious Women (renewal)

  • Isabelle Cochelin, A&S Medieval Studies/History
  • Alison More, SMC Comper Professorship of Medieval Studies

Theorizing Scholar-Activism and the Global Food Sovereignty Movement (renewal)

  • Jayeeta Sharma, UTSC Physical & Environmental Studies
  • Jaclyn Rohel, postdoctoral researcher, UTSC Culinaria Research Centre